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Every family has a story to tell. Whether your ancestors arrived on the Mayflower, came through Ellis Island or only recently made America their home, all have played a part in the great American experience. It is not only natural to wonder about those brave souls who left familiar surroundings for an unknown country, it is essential to our understanding of ourselves and our place in history.

Reaching Goals

Whether you are just beginning your family history journey, or you’ve been researching for awhile and have reached a “brick wall,” professional assistance can enhance your experience and help you achieve your goals. Prairie Roots Research is dedicated to genealogical and historical research, specializing in Iowa and Midwestern resources. We can help with your project whether it be large or small– from locating a single obituary to compiling a multi-generational family history you’ll treasure for years to come.

Visit the Services page to learn more about how Prairie Roots Research can help with your family history project. The Research Tips page offers tips for organizing your research project. Contact us to discuss your unique project requirements.