Fees & Forms

Sarah Craig


Prairie Roots Research charges an hourly fee plus project-related expenses. A minimum block of ten hours is required to initiate a new project. A non-refundable retainer fee of 50% of the initially authorized research time is due before work begins. The retainer fee will be credited to your account for research conducted.

All services are provided under contract. We will never exceed the contracted number of hours without your further authorization. Hourly rates are discounted for work subcontracted through board-certified genealogists.

Prairie Roots Research guarantees thorough and detailed work; however, no ethical genealogist can guarantee results due to the many variables found in historical records. Negative findings and unsuccessful searches are charged.

During the course of the project, we provide periodic updates via your choice of email or U.S. postal service. Upon completion of the authorized hours, you will receive an itemized invoice for the actual costs incurred. Once we receive payment of the balance due, we will deliver your final report.

Reimbursable Expenses

Reimbursable expenses include, but are not limited to, postage, photocopies, parking, repository computer charges, microfilm rental, other itemized incidental expenses, and travel expenses outside the state of Iowa. Mileage outside the state of Iowa is charged at the current rate authorized by the IRS. Initial consultations and email updates are not charged.

Payment Options

Payments may be made by personal check, certified check or money order, or you may use PayPal. Checks should be made payable to Prairie Roots Research.

Achieve Your Objectives

Contact us with a description of your project needs. We are happy to visit with you and make recommendations for how Prairie Roots Research may assist in achieving your goals.

Our Research Request Form can help clarify your objectives and identify a research focus. Visit our Research Tips page for suggestions on how to make the most of the information you may already have.

The best way to maximize your research dollars is to provide your researcher with as much initial information as possible. It is helpful to share copies of any family group charts, Bible records, birth, marriage, death records, etc. that may already be in your possession.

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