Project Planning

ella copyConsulting & Project Planning

Don’t know where to begin? Let us organize your memorabilia, documents, photos, etc. and assist in planning your project. Armed with a solid research plan, you’ll begin your family history journey with confidence.

We can identify those family treasures that may yield valuable clues to your family’s past. With new insights, you’ll be better able to decide what paths of exploration to tackle first. We’ll help you develop a solid research plan and get your project off to a well-organized, efficient start.

Brick wall? Perhaps you’ve been researching for a while, and feel you’ve hit a brick wall. Prairie Roots Research can offer a fresh look at your research; our expertise can help identify sources you may have overlooked. We can also put your project into perspective by providing the historical, cultural and legal context necessary to an understanding of what the records signify for your ancestor’s life.

A new direction may be needed, or the answers may be indicated by work you’ve already done. With a new perspective and a new plan, you’ll be on your way again!

Contact us about your project. We’re ready to work with you to achieve your family history goals!


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